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Erica Stolman
Erica is our BTS web guru & the creator of the style blog, Fashionlush. When she is not in front of the camera creating content, you will find her behind the screen researching font trends & writing code.

Lauryn Evarts
Lauryn is a serial entrepreneur, published author, & creator of the lifestyle blog, The Skinny Confidential. Lauryn’s savvy business skills & branding expertise help to start you off strong in the world of blogging.

leave it to the pros

Erica & Lauryn have been blogging and creating their brands for over 8 years, & combined they get over 1 million page views per month.

Who better to trust with bringing your blog to the next level than the pros? Blog-doo was built off their collective knowledge for the industry along with their love for minimal & modern design. The first step to a succesful career in blogging is a beautiful site and a strong brand.

what we're good at


at blog-doo, we create more than just pretty sites. We build consistent brand experiences to give you a strong foundation for success!


thanks to our team of graphic designers & trend forecasters, our designs are always on top of the design trends in the world of blogging.


our handpicked team of web savvy developers will work their behind-the-scenes magic to turn all of your blogging dreams into reality.

word on the street

“What can I say other than that the Blog Doo Babes are absolutely incredible! Going into the process I wasn’t even fully sure what I wanted my website to look like, but they were able to understand my style and aesthetic and created something that was beyond my imagination! These women not only have an amazing eye for design but also can make your site so simple and user-friendly. A million thank yous to Blog Doo, I’m thrilled!” -Stevie Wright
"I had all these ideas, but had ZERO idea where to start. Eventually I was introduced to Blog Doo, which is the team who helped design the site… from logo to site layout. I created a Pinterest board, explained my vision and they helped make it come to life. The girls behind Blog Doo have blogs themselves (The Skinny Confidential and Fashionlush), so it was an easy fit and they are sweethearts to work with!" -Becca Tilley
“The Blog-Doo Babes are absolutely incredible an easy to work with! They really took my vision and made it reality!" - Kaitlynn Carter
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