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OH HEY BLOGGER BABES- welcome to our brand spanking new bloggers blog, where we will be sharing some of our favorite projects, top secret blogger tips, design resources you can use at home, hacks to help you blog better, interviews with bossy blogger babes, & so much more!!

To kick things off, we wanna chat about something pretty major that’s going down in the blog world right now…

the rise of the mid tier blogger!

What is a mid tier blogger you ask?? Well, lemme give ya the 411.

Mid tier bloggers, aka “microinfluencers”, are the bloggers and Instagrammers with smaller followings (under 50k-100k). They aren’t the 1%, they don’t have 1 million followers, but this year- they are where it’s at.

YUP.  Mid tier ladies, do a little dance, cause all signs point to this year being your year!

wait, but why are big bloggers taking a back seat?

It’s simple- the higher number of followers (possibly inflated, but we will save that convo for another post) an influencer has on Instagram, the harder it is for that influencer to possibly get everyone’s attention… which results in a MUCH lower conversion rate.

At the end of the day, it’s all about the conversion & brands are finally starting to really take that into account.

Once a following grows to be in that 1%, things get less & less personal, and that makes it harder for people to connect with said a-list influencer… & in turn, trust what they are saying. People follow big bloggers based solely on the numbers (that whole ‘if everyone else is doing it…’ thing), but mid tier bloggers attract followers who are truly interested in who they are + what they are sharing.

Not to mention, many of these big name bloggers are now expanding their brands into full-fledged businesses, which is great… but they are also biting the hands that feed them as they leave the world of being an influencer & enter the world of being competition to so many of the brands they work with on the reg.

okay, but how to do the brands feel about all of this?

Well, that truly depends on the brand & what they are aiming to achieve.

Some brands would rather allocate all their budget to 50 big bloggers & call it a day, other brands may allocate the entire budget to an extended campaign with one of the top tier bloggers (the above 1 million crowd!), some choose to disperse their resources amongst many many more mid tier bloggers, & the last group likes to hit it from all sides & works with many different tiers of bloggers.

Again, it’s all about the brands goals at the end of the day, but one thing is clear- brands are finally looking beyond just the numbers.

One thing brands are loving about working with mid tier bloggers is they are getting more bang for the buck. One mega influencer could equal 10+ mid tier babes, & those 10 mid tier bloggers repping a product bring about more brand recognition than 1 big blogger with an un-engaged audience.

Brands are also doing much more investigation into the influencers they work with. They are actually reading the types of comments an influencer gets to see if they are quality & if they are coming from people who are in their target market… versus some sexy hot model babe whose comments are either people trying to get more followers or creepy guys.

okay, okay- back to you… you little mid tier blogger queen

YES- you!! You’re already awesome, duh,  but here is why you’re about to be a super hot commodity in the blog world:

First comes your ability to be genuine, & then comes the engagement.

The a-listers have that continued burden of trying to keep 1 million+ people interested in what they’re putting down, but more than that, they are losing the ability to atleast appear authentic.

When you see a huge blogger sharing a product you know they don’t use, you can feel it’s forced. The numbers they are getting paid for these posts (up to 25k an Instagram) are seductive, so even if they don’t like the product, they most likely aren’t turning down the gig. This inauthenticity is obvious, & the already unengaged following becomes less and less inclined to interact.

Mid tier bloggers on the other hand, they aren’t being paid as much (but still- make sure you are getting paid!!!), so they are much more likely to only promote products they are truly excited about.

Just like you can spot inauthenticity a mile away, you can also tell when someone is truly being genuine. Microinfluencers are relatable & they are still at a stage where they can interact with their audience daily, therefore making them a more trustworthy resource with MUCH better engagement (typically around a solid 4%!!!).


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